iPad in garden picture

The Apple iPad comes recommended here at Greenwise Design.

It brings the internet to a very accessible level in the house and out. No waiting for anything to boot up. It’s an instant reader and reference tool. They are right in saying it has its own place in the market. The social aspect also, is easy and fun. However, for work it is much less ‘hands-on’ and certainly demands a plug-in keyboard etc. For creative use also, there is a lack of precision (so far), despite numerous painting apps and pens.

Watching TV etc, on BBC iPlayer for example, is a solitary but engrossing, v. comfortable experience. The Tunein radio App is also a must, for all radio stations and ability to record, bookmark etc…

So, as a learning and fun tool primarily, this is an Apple product that is here to stay, and improve.

For a summary of its green-ish credentials check out some info from ‘Green Living Tips‘ site.

Jan. 2011


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