‘Google Keep’ is Truly Great

ye mighty pencil

I have to quickly sing the praises of just one app that I genuinely use a lot: Google Keep… It must have saved me buying quite a lot of notebooks (although I do still use these ‘classic'(!) tools for writing the bare bones / outlines of stories – even just a few sentences).

I suppose I’m also singing the praises of Cloud-power in general, where Keep just one of a number, if basically ‘only’ a sticky note application for smartphones; keeping all your notes and lists in one place. I’ll admit that it takes a fair leap to escape the ‘reaching for the pen’ syndrome. But, with gradual and repeated use you steadily begin to find a new sense of freedom within its easy reach (provided your phone is in ‘easy’ reach!)

For times when you’re on your laptop or whatever, you know you can access all those same notes without reaching for your phone: just via your browser/launcher.

The cloud-based synchronicity is magic and the note-taking features themselves have stayed simple and yet have grown more powerful, so you can include drawings, sound and images.

The use of Labels – down the line – becomes essential and the amazing bonus of being able to share notes with family/friends can be handy for projects like cooking.

The art of note-taking has truly evolved into a green space…

…However, I do also have a few ‘proper’, well-kept notebooks: for traditional privacy and for complete creative freedom from any kind of digital confinement! They’re for that special kind of reference where you need turn nothing on, re-charge anything and where you know it’s all in one place and in your own personal style.




One response to “‘Google Keep’ is Truly Great

  1. Interesting. I use ‘sticky notes’ but only on the PC. Can be really quick and therefore useful, I agree! I will check out Google keep now too tho, be great to have it on my phone too.



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