SEO awareness

I’m learning a lot about the world (and work) of SEO and site promotion online again thanks to two stunningly-cheap Kindle downloads. It may not just have relevance for my own creative stuff but also a project one day in the future.

Gaining correct positioning and exposure for sites and companies has great value and importance in today’s competitive universe online. It must surely be set to grow as a vital field and cleverly Google makes any shortcuts in the process a tricky business.

My kindle downloads have simply re-hashed a lot of the content in this document, to promote their own businesses, so it’s worth a look: GOOGLE STARTER GUIDE PDF

Surely the ideal in the SEO world is that much of it becomes automatic during the website creation process, thereby reducing the need for ‘tinkerers’ to have to meddle behind the scenes to promote their sites. So in comes the need for backlinks, viral marketing etc.

Interesting subject…


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