Wary or just weary of Facebook? What’s next for the web? Proceed directly to ‘Go’….


The future of the internet looks to be less centralised and more direct between you and its sellers, creators, or platforms in general. Peer-to-peer. (Provided it can still be overseen – somehow – by our governments.)

Such a different infrastructure may have its issues (like governance) but it will also make such content or data less vulnerable to attack or in the hands of any one company. You might say we’ve been quite trusting so far, but after so many breaches of trust people just start wanting more control and better things. Like also: being paid directly, in crypto. In fact, any new bank crash, hacker breach or tech breakdown merely strengthens the argument in whatever way. And cryptocurrency – actually one of the safest ways to store money today  – is already fuelling this web 3.

Nicely, this will also mean that adverts will start to disappear. What you’re reading now doesn’t reward me, and I’m not doing it – possibly – to get some ad revenue one day. And who (ever) liked ads all over their content? So… it’s partly why I’m slowly posting on to pastures new… And whether you’re looking for a new audience, or just to start making your first footprints into this wider world, then take a look at the following link. It will access a brave new world, and one still in its infancy…

Decent Links into a Decentralised World

I can get rewarded if people vote on the content above. If you know of any more links please include them in the comments there. The post is becoming part of the Steem blockchain. Steemit is a fascinating website that interacts with the Steem blockchain. Once you have a Steem account you can access other apps and sites that also make use of it, such as versions of Twitter (zappl) and Youtube (dTube), but which are decentralised.

blockchain in ink

[proceed directly to ‘Go’…?]

It’s still early days. I think dTube was setup by one guy. Steemit is discovering some problems that come with any community-run platform. As usual, to gain influence takes time, and/or money (Steem Power). But… no system is perfect, just generally better. And there are more like these coming…

The only real way to discover and start understanding this kind of ‘ecosystem’ is by using it. For one thing, it’s pretty great just to log-in to a website in full knowledge that you are the one in (total) control of your account.

And here’s another tip before the next ‘crash’ comes, or where things that once hold value are no longer so valued: maybe it’s time to start diversifying your holdings.


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