My Tips for Using ‘Steemit’

I post more regularly these days at (@ade-greenwise) including the odd guides as reference (below). Blog posts here will also appear in my Steemit feed.

What is Steemit?

Steemit is the social media/community micro-blogging platform connected to the STEEM blockchain. It’s actually just one of many projects that connect to this, so once you’ve set up an account you are generally able to link to these as well (using SteemConnect or browser extension).

What is STEEM and the STEEM blockchain?

Well, it allows for several key advantages: it’s fairly decentralised (a more secure infrastructure), it gives you control over your own data, and it allows you to transfer the STEEM cryptocurrency easily between other users. (This currency is stored on the site, in your personal wallet, but you’ll probably need to obtain some elsewhere with bitcoin via etc. and transfer it in.)

However, this last aspect is – quite frankly – amazing. We’re talking near-instant global transfer of value across the globe, integrated into a social media sharing platform. Even if Steemit as a whole or as an experiment were somehow to fail, this is just the beginning of the crypto-powered future. There is just too much development going on, integrated or utilising the underlying Steem blockchain to cause any concern. The strength of its community of mutual ‘investors’ is another test of its current (and disruptive) health.

Promo for Steemit

I believe Steemit (as the original portal for STEEM) will grow to become something much larger than a creative outlet for frustrated/bored crypto hodlers and traders. But watch this space.

Below are some more humble posts on the subject so far. Please follow for updates however, as my adventures and opinions (and the space itself) are subject to grow and evolve…

As I continue to learn and appreciate the advantages (and some disadvantages) of being ‘on board’ with this emerging new type of online ‘ecosystem’, I hope these entries may come in handy for others (as much as it will also help me to remember some vital things about the site).

If you’re already on Steemit then be sure to follow along: @ade-greenwise.

Steem on! (April 2018)

WordPress users:

Yes, you can use a plug-in for WordPress that links to Steemit. It’s called Steempress. However, I don’t have a pro account on wp as yet, so I can’t make use of it at this time.

Steemit promo

Money makes the world go round. And it can also bind folks together in mutual need and investment.


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