Best Portfolio Tools for Crypto-tracking?

It’s important to get a grip on your investments, and track your coins properly, which means setting the time aside to try out different sites/apps. Maybe this Ade’s Press post will help…

I was just using Blockfolio plus Google Sheets, but why bother with macros, when you get some great sites that give you graphical charts and stats etc. They give a much better report on trade history or, for example, realised and unrealised gains, and just how far you’ve come since original investments, after many an impulsive or measured trade.

First, have a think about what you want or really need.


What do I use?

I’m in the process of mostly using which has all this, plus reviews and comparisons. At the same time I still move easily between older tools that still have their strengths: Blockfolio, Cryptopanic (news), and Coingecko. [These all work on mobile too].

I’ll go into the reasons for these choices below.

Other platforms mentioned here: and


Are you a pro trader, casual/swing trader or someone new to the market who would benefit from social network features? The latter lets you pick up vibes on latest coin projects, or discover new developments with existing alts or major caps. There can be a great benefit from being in a company of others, besides helping educate others about coins and getting tips. However, the more individual you can remain in terms of research and opinion, the better.

Pro traders would probably use a variety of tools and platforms, including subscriber-based programs for learning, signal-using etc. Great… if you’re willing and able to go full-time.

Simple or busy hodlers or stakers on the major coins could just stick with Blockfolio-type mobile trackers and Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Livecoinwatch, or Cryptopanic, that come with nice, easy watchlists and position trackers. But even then, you should checking out a more sophisticated tracker (and comparisons/reviews too).

So… for the more seasoned crypto-fan, who does like to trade now and then, or often, I’ll now go into more detail regarding my own choice of tools, having checked out some of the current ones.

I’ve not investigated all features of all trackers, but I’ve tried some major ones and here’s what I think….


Screenshot 2018-08-04 at 07.20.13

I’m beginning to use this one mainly because it just has a really good, compact website interface that provides a lot of information without overcrowding. It also has the potential to provide the full array of features: comparisons/reviews, (live!) portfolio tracking and sharing, learning resources, community forums, discussion and ratings (coins and ICOs), mobile app (beta testing at this time) and news. You will find here a lot of resources and support to navigate your way through the crypto-space.

The portfolio may not be the most extensive but you can choose to share a public one or keep yours private and encrypted. It also happens to be nicely designed and not confusing, and it has an Accounting section. You can also follow projects. I can’t see any exchange for trading integration as yet.

It doesn’t have any subscription or inherent token, but you’re invited to tip the website for now.

It’s also recently announced a link with Thomson Reuters to integrate traditional asset classes more in tandem with crypto.

It makes for one, all-round handy and informative website tool. is worth the small effort to get to grips with, just as Blockfolio is when you first look at it blankly. Yes, it’s quite old now and there are newer sites (see below), but it focuses on what you need: information.

It’s free, unless you want to connect via API with your wallet or exchange trading activity (which is a much-desired benefit over manual input). However, personally I don’t trade that often, and am happy to manually input and personally update (using my Trade History on my exchange). Luckily, this feature is not too difficult to figure out. Remember that it assumes you start with an initial sum of something, so whatever you initially buy you must sell something else (eg fiat or BTC).

Other benefits: It has a nice app with it. It has a lot of features. It has a ‘public portfolio’ (which looks better than the private one) that you can choose to enable and share or not. It has pie charts, timeline of activity, daily balance chart and listings that are linked with Coinmarketcap, so just be aware that if it’s not listed on CMC, you will need to wait before adding a new coin.

It also generates tax reports. Other great features include the Realised and Unrealised gains on every coin, to help re-balance your portfolio if you so wish.

This is a rival social network-integrated portfolio tracking site. However, it doesn’t yet have an app (still in the works at this time), and it doesn’t have its own crypto. In fact, it all feels very early stages, and with some distance to go. The roadmap will have a subscription, but for now it’s free at least.

The portfolio tracking does have potential, as does the whole interface and the social elements, but the side navigation is annoying and limited. In fact, there is just not enough to answer both needs sufficiently under the one roof just yet, so for this reason I recommend the separate options covered above.

The sign-up/in does connect to Coinbase, which is nice, and it will pull your wallet stats into your profile, which could be great for basic or early traders and crypto-users. However, it didn’t actually pull my correct values in when I tried this, so I hope this will improve also. You can see a test of the interface here. Some work to do here.

‘Cryptocurrency portfolio and tax manager’. For sign-in, it links to Google and Coinbase, and from there you can import stats/activity from most exchanges and wallets.

There is a big focus on the tax reporting aspect, with subscription fees on many levels.

Another big feature is that they intend to launch an investment ‘basket’ of crypto-assets that you can sign up to.

This is a newer and easier-to-use rival to with huge potential. Some say the interface is clean but also quite basic at this stage. It’s not as advanced as but you might prefer the fresh interface and see it grow and get enhanced over time.

There is an app but no social network integration. (Link here).


For quick checking…

Blockfolio app is still the king of easy and fast mobile portfolio tracking and alerts. The Holdings tab is especially useful for tracking losses/gains since last buy/sell. does have a portfolio side which is nice but just not sophisticated enough. However, it does link in with news updates on particular coins only, or the notifications you receive, which is really handy for checking what the hell is going on with coins.

The Pro option will give you more alerts on everything and more portfolio/exchange linked features.


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