It’s early days for EOS the platform, but it’s got a heap of money and experience kicking it into the fast lane. And it is super-fast. It could be the first ‘ready’ blockchain platform that can handle all the transactions and hype currently required or expected from blockchain tech, where many older chains struggle with their infrastucture. This one has been designed to be accessible, scalable and fast, and at the time of writing is achieving these things. A healthy ecosystem of dApps is expanding.

Everipedia, a very credible project to rival Wikipedia runs on EOS.

The main worry for EOS lies in its dPoS and governance – its small number of ‘block producers’, the power they have and what is expected of them. Still, some would argue that a bit of ‘control’ over any network is a must. We’ll see if it can administer its own considerable potential without internal issues or bad actors surfacing.

For the HODLer, new wallets (such as greymass eos-voter) are at last improving where the ability to vote for block producers and receive airdrops of dynamic tokens, are important.


Reddit discussion

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August 2018.


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