A note about “VR” content

Ok, so where do you start? What device do you use when experiencing the range of different ‘VR’ content? Good question. First, it’s important to distinguish between:

  1. VR apps + games: specially-designed to push VR, developed by game engine software/coding etc. (these are often the most interesting but are also v. game-centric.)
    [Oculus store, Google Play & Google Cardboard stores]
  2. Youtube 360 ‘VR’ movies [multi-platform viewing and as varied as the different types of 360 video cameras available. Restricted by resolution and streaming.]
  3. VR semi-apps which simply act as ‘portals’ to more VR movie content.


MORE ABOUT THIS CONTENT – Experiences, Gimmicks and the Essential(?)

There are a lot of attempts at VR out there, but not very many fall into the ‘Essential’ category as yet, but we may see some emerge.

For now, grainy movies that tell you they’re ‘360 Experiences’ lead you into disappointing or short-lived experiences; they leave you tantalised but wondering why you bothered. Some can be mind-blowing (it’s Youtube, after all) but the problem with movies is that the cameras – the differences between them – and the technology itself (4k+), is still developing. Also, the techniques being used for making effective VR movie content are still improving. Stick to the big names and you’re more likely to find carefully created VR/360 movie content: BBC, Discovery, news-centres, big-budget Disney game or movie tie-ins can be worthwhile.

Don’t forget your internet connection plays a big part in the resolution; maybe you should download the files first.


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