Disney Movies VR (Oculus Store)


Disney Movies VR – this app is essential for any Star Wars fan, plus other Disney franchises, as it’s simply a chance to experience a sequence of stunning, transcendent 3D spatial ‘VR movies’ fashioned by the ‘big boys’ — Disney/Lucasfilm+sound. I tried out the tie-in with The Force Awakens, and it does tie-in, quite memorably.

Basically, you are dropped onto the planet Jakku. They’ve kept the sequences short and sweet but your jaw is dropped throughout. It’s a good thing the GEAR VR helmet is so bulky, or I’d have signed up to the – virtual – Rebel Alliance, instead of writing this.


A similar experience sees you riding Rey’s scavenger bike. And there are other sections: Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and hopefully others updating, so long as interest in VR continues.

When you take off the mask though, what are your thoughts? My brain asks the question: what next? How to use these amazing spaces for social games, stories, events and physical immersive interaction? For here they already make for some great ‘movie tasters’ for fans awaiting mega-cinematic blockbusters.

I’ll update this post if there are more notable additions to Disney Movies VR. For now, go get on your scavenger bike ‘helmet’ and see for yourself! The small fee is worth it, and patience is rewarded in downloading the mini-experiences within.

In fact, I’d say this app is overlooked, judging by some other  – unfair in my opinion – reviews. Maybe they didn’t give it enough time to download… and missed out.


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