‘Wands’ snapshot VR review

Wands – see Oculus link for info, specs + trailer, then read Ade’s Press quick verdict below…

Wands logo

You pay a modest fee for this game, but it’s true to its name. It’s a fun, wand-wielding game of magical spell selection and blasting.

The multiplayer works surprisingly fine, pairing you up in a big room with platforms where you must be first to seize a line of fire and wield the right spell at the right time.

There are options to soup up your wand and gain more spells.

There is good potential to lead on to a full-blown Harry Potter-style game, with complex casting duels, rankings etc. all centering around this precision execution of controller movements and timing.

The trouble with Wands is what is here, isn’t really enough. The use of a wand needs to be even more… thrilling, perhaps.

Still, this is certainly a decent attempt and both Wands experts and Potter fans might disagree and say there is a lot of variation and challenge.

Wands screenshot

Next stop: Mortal Kombat in VR ??  Activating the right punches / kicks at the right time could be a bit too real, and the workout involved just too off-putting to be as addictive as lazy, sofa-bound console play. However, are we witnessing the birth of [real] virtual e-sports!?


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