Stellite (XTL) + Mining?

Stellite graphic Ade's Press

For the time being, I’m mining Stellite (XTL) on PC.

Why? Because all you need is a PC, a simple miner download, and it will do it in the background. It’s also one of the most profitable coins to mine like this, and it’s still so early.


  • Download and create friendly wallet
  • Download the miner (CPU and GPU)
  • Use your wallet address to sign up to a community pool
  • Adjust how many CPUs to mine with, so as not to slow your PC as needed.
  • Payouts: just input your wallet address on (the bottom of) whatever community pool website, to check your contributed blocks so far (and change when you want to receive payouts to wallet).


See website and get downloads at
View chart on
At time of writing, I use community pool

Stellite mining graphic

So what is Stellite (XTL) ?

There is something about Proof-of-Work consensus. The idea of harnessing any device and being able to participate and secure a fully decentralised network still captivates. A much more well-known coin Electroneum (ETN) only simulates mining on mobile phones.

Stellite uses the CryptoNight algorithm too as it’s originally a Monero and Electroneum soft fork, but will remain ASIC-resistant.

The plan for the coin is to try and pull-off successfully the ‘mobile mining’ PoW dream as well as include privacy features, and utilise IPFS and ZeroNet for the node list — plus find a new mining protocol for mobile etc. mining. This ambition will have to be tracked. I like the MunnyPot’s more detailed description on Medium.

It’s a project to keep an eye on, and if we see a working mobile miner release then things should get interesting. There are many hurdles ahead but it’s worth supporting for now.

Stay tuned for further updates, and on my own humble Stellite mining endeavors here at Ade’s Press.

Stellite - graphic

See Reddit discussion

Stellite logo


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