: The Future for STEEM?

Steemit is the primary gateway for those starting out earning STEEM crypto by posting, writing, commenting, publishing, voting, promoting or transacting using this speedy blockchain.


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After a while, or once settled into this community or ‘ecosystem’ (including learning the means of transacting and the value of SteemPower) users find that they can sign up with Steemconnect and easily enjoy access and earnings on other sites, tools and apps also, that use the same blockchain. These include Musing, dTube, Steemhunt etc. etc… and Steempeak!

In fact, it’s now getting to the point where every STEEM-fan or Steemit user should be transitioning or at least semi-using by now.

Screenshot 2018-09-13 at 15.05.23

The side menu

Basically, it has more features than Steemit, a nicer interface and is seeing more active development.

Both Steempeak and Steemit are the main ‘explorer’ tools functioning as the most standard desktop (and mobile) option for control and interaction with the disruptive platform. However, Steempeak is fast becoming the more advanced option, and it could be the key to renewed and widespread growth and success of STEEM.

More Features

Recently, new features have been added including Beneficiaries. This allows you to donate to fellow users on Steem to receive a percentage of earnings from any new posts you create for your blog(s). Be sure to check out more on latest features and latest posts @steempeak development.

Notice that little star next to the reputation score? That also means you can add Steempeak to your list of favourite accounts on Steem. I also find the Topics and Bookmarks features just great, compared to Steemit.

Screenshot 2018-09-13 at 14.11.00.png

View Ade’s Press posts with Steempeak

WordPress users: Did you know you can also integrate Steem earnings with WordPress? By downloading the Steempress plugin, you can post on both platforms simultaneously. The active development of this plugin is also something to watch, and support!


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