EOS-powered projects?

HireVibes image

There are sites emerging onto the web now that are driven by the EOS blockchain with their own tokens or cryptocurrencies.

Here is a list and summary of some of the more interesting dApps and projects:


Everipedia.org (IQ tokens)

‘Everipedia is the next generation encyclopedia rebuilt for the modern age. With over 6 million articles and counting, it’s already the world’s largest English encyclopedia by content. Everipedia is free from ads and free to use for everyone under creative commons.’

Still in early stages but what separates this project from wikipedia is its incentivised nature and being free from centralised architecture or control.


TRYBE.com (TRYBE tokens)

‘A Tokenised Knowledge and Content Sharing Platform’

Earn tokens by creating, finding or supporting great articles. You can create a profile page and earn referral points for any article created.
Join a community of content creators.

Next airdrop in December 2018.



A very intriguing, trendy (and green) project aimed at improving the hiring process or HR.

‘HireVibes DAC will incentivise the crowd to source the best candidates for job openings by charging a small fee to clients and redistributing most of it back to jobseekers, referrers and selected charities.

For hirers and employers, this presents the unique opportunity to source and hire the brightest talent in a social, professional and brand empowering way like never before.’

HVT tokens will act as bonus for workers.



‘EOSfinex will combine Bitfinex’s existing exchange protocol with EOS.io’s scalability in order to create a high-powered decentralized exchange. Like other decentralized exchanges, EOSfinex will allow traders to hold onto their assets while engaging in peer-to-peer trading. There won’t be a need to trust a centralized third party – like the exchange – to participate in high-volume cryptocurrency trading.

Ultimately, a decentralized exchange backed by Bitfinex and EOS.io is a big deal for the crypto community.’

This project could be live as soon as October 2018.


EVA ride-sharing

‘Eva is a cooperative whose mission is to continually develop new decentralized technologies for urban mobility. In this sense, Eva offers a platform for liaison between driver and passenger members to promote a sharing economy ecosystem. Being a cooperative, Eva democratizes the redistribution of wealth and promotes a climate of cooperation and collaboration.’


Nebula Protocol

Originally set to be a decentralised twitter, it’s now re-branded to focus on being ‘a decentralized, curated list of professionals and job opportunities.’



This is set to have its own mainnet blockchain using EOS.io software and ecosystem. It aims to be a social media network run by a DAC (Distributed Autonomous Community). The token will be ONOT and will reward users for activity in the network.


Steemit 2 and Bitshares 2 ?

These may bear different names when completed but will effectively be attempting to update existing projects but running on EOS.


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