Crypto Pump (sept 2018)

Crypto has been sliding or lying dormant for next big catalyst(s)…

Recently here in Sept:

  • XRP announces upcoming cross-border payment solution and successful feedback from banks.
  • SEC getting many comments regarding ETF (Commissioner urging progress be made).
  • A massive banking scandal in Denmark regarding money-laundering.


Next possible catalysts:

  • Launch of Bakkt in November
  • Further ETF news
  • General build-up of partnerships and adoptions
  • Possible major news regarding some big company adopting a crypto


Don’t forget there are also possible short-term negative catalysts also… (including Bitcoin dumping from Silk Road/Gox estate).


What will really keep people in the market long-term? Increased adoption and ways to SPEND crypto in major ways.
Eg.. payment cards, staking and investing, usages such as social media promotion, online and offline adoption etc. etc…

What are the projects you’re investing in that actually keep your money in the market, or invested in a network such as PoW coins, EOS airdrops, VeChain, NEO, Stellar etc… for long-term HODLing. These could be the projects that fall less.


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