OpenBazaar to get a boost with Haven?

If you’ve not heard of then think of it as a decentralised eBay (and that’s a big difference). It means that you are in control of your online shop, personal data and nobody controls the network it runs on.

Right now it remains a marginal desktop client download, but one which opens up to a world of people’s direct home-based hobby shops, (plus real-world shops reaching out on the side).

Basically anyone can sell anything from anywhere, peer-to-peer. Of course there is some dodgy stuff out there, but in general you’re dealing directly with your sellers, so it’s mutually beneficially to reach and close square deals. There are options for escrow (including crypto), and trusted moderators can be appointed to ensure dispute resolution. Check the FAQ.

The online marketplace currently accepts over 50 cryptocurrencies, meaning that OpenBazaar can become a good source of income for those looking to earn crypto. They also have a new, recently improved multi-wallet which gives more choice than before.

Bigger news however is that they just recently announced a new feature: Haven Privacy. This will be incorporated into the main software of OpenBazaar and provide the ability for encrypted chat, crypto-tips between users and of course, shopping.

It will be released soon, and should give the OpenBazaar network a decent boost, and allow it to ‘go mobile’ via this promising Haven ‘super-app’.

Jan 2019.

See more via the promo video link below.



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