Strong Cup of Crypto: iExec (RLC) and how to earn it

Cast a glance over the team at iExec and you’ll notice a lot of PHDs.

So what’s the deal here with iExec and their Ethereum-based RLC coin (Run On Lots of Computers)?

Well, this is just a brief overview and starting point, since its a hot coin right now in the market and looks set to fulfil a vital role in the blockchain space.

If IBM and Microsoft can deploy their cloud-based infrastructure, then the decentralised future-web will need its infrastructure too. The difference? It’s decentralised too, broken up into multiple nodes (that can include your computer also.) Such an infrastructure may free us from the centralised limitations of such companies, that are not as dependable in the long run.

The key lies in Dapps. The growing market for decentralised applications. What’s so great about them? A lot. (You can read all you like about them here). These dapps are emerging big-time due to their many potent advantages. Partly, they use a blockchain but also, they require CPU and GPU (storage space). And who has such resources and infrastructure on-hand in order to develop and run them? Well, using Amazon-run etc. infrastructure kind of defeats the purpose.

IExec’s answer is: you won’t need to. You just rent them through iExec using the RLC token. This actually means that iExec are setting their sights on something much bigger than expected: they are building effectively a new internet; a virtual cloud infrastructure.

iExec creates a network of providers that form a virtual Cloud Infrastructure. You can access this distributed infrastructure either to run your applications, or to be one of the providers by renting your resources.

Such a marketplace is already operational.

Browse the live Dapp Store.

Contribute your own computing resources and earn RLC by joining a Worker Pool. Read the guide on Medium, to download and configure.


Summary: Their focus is on providing computing resources, which have few competitors. Also, they may greatly assist in reducing the computational issues of the Ethereum blockchain, as well as improving access to those resources for budding dapp developers.

Note: It’s likely that other Blockchain / DLT networks will introduce similar such marketplaces (EOS and Rex?).


Buy RLC on Binance

iExec main website
Medium – updates and info/tutorials
Twitter updates
Telegram interaction
Reddit discussion

Jan 2019

Note: This entry forms part of my personal adventures in crypto-space. Comments, ideas and corrections really appreciated to enhance my site and help me educate/be educated. I may even ask you for your (best) crypto address so I can send a tip in exchange for quality info.


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