Coinbase Earn + (Watch Vids for Crypto!)

Hi folks, today I visited Coinbase Earn and watched 3 nicely-made, short videos all about Brave Browser and BAT. I answered one question at the end of each video, then entered a link to prove I use the Brave browser on my computer… and received 8 quid in BAT / $10 sent to my Coinbase BAT wallet. It was pretty satisfying actually.

The next training video at Coinbase Earn (after the Brave one) is scheduled to be all about the DistrictOx token (ZRX). I’ve signed up to get notified.

But I just wanted to highlight what a great program Coinbase Earn is, as a project. It’s a bit different from which is a separate site and app (but also owned by Coinbase), but with similar intentions, so I’d also like to highlight this… and Mobile App

This is a promising site, and an app that I’ve in fact had on my phone for over a year now. Feel free to accept my invitation (referral) and check it out. What is it?

I’ve earned bits of BTC by doing small tasks like joining Telegram groups, completing questionnaires etc, which have enabled me to learn about new crypto projects, and receive free airdrops.

Both the site and app are nice and easy to use, with an easy log-in that can be linked to Facebook/LinkedIn profile and your Coinbase BTC address.

Obviously, it’s a promotional tool for new crypto projects to reach an audience primarily. You need to be aware that your data could be used by Coinbase for other users to find and make contact at your Earn email address (see more below).

I think these projects are great initiatives by Coinbase, to help promote new and exciting projects and developments in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Paid Email in Crypto! also comes with this cool feature that lets you create a public Earn profile, where anyone can send you (optional) Direct Paid Messages. You can opt to receive anything from $1, $5, $20 or $100 (maybe if you’re a Hollywood star) for the privilege of receiving one. You can also select to donate this to an Earn-selected charity automatically.

This email feature is an excellent way to re-invigorate your (more professional) email experience, ensuring only people who really want to contact you do so, cut down on Spam, plus earn crypto and promote more crypto adoption. The drawback (or benefit) is that you could subsequently be contacted by more, or more relevant users who can access your data via this app (see the lists). The benefit for the sender is that only if you accept their email fee will they be charged.

Pay on Response

So… if for example you have any questions about any of this or any crypto etc. content on this blog, feel free to try out this app and send me a Direct Paid Message for… $1 ! My profile is: and because it’s paid, I would make a special effort to respond with more care.

I really hope this project will thrive again once the market picks up. I do recommend not just as a discovery tool but a useful app still with a bright future, highlighting other worthy projects in the space.

Download the Earn app. and visit the site! (use the referral offer)

Note: early users of this app will recall a feature that allowed your entire Google email contacts to receive notification that you now require (paid) message in crypto to continue sending. I actually liked this option, and it’d be nice to see it returned one day. It certainly cut down email messages and spam altogether!

Feb 2019


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