Alien: Isolation Returns

I once wrote a post about the classic horror stealth-survival game ‘Alien: Isolation‘ released in 2014. A major attribute of the game from Creative Assembly (despite the fear) was the sheer level of detail in reconstructing the 1979 science-fiction ambience, from the gadgets to the sound effects. It also proved how single-player adventures still have a lot going for them.

Five years on, and some folks have patched together a ‘digital series’ using cutscenes from the original game, plus game-play and other footage or material.  Released now, here in late Feb 2019, all seven episodes are available to watch on the IGN website.

Here’s the trailer:

You can watch all 7 episodes on the page, or watch via your TV’s PS4 / Xbox One app / Apple TV.

The legacy (and fear) from the gripping gaming experience Alien: Isolation lives on…. !

Read more about the original game on Everipedia

(The voice of the android who helps Amanda Ripley through the game was also notable. It’s a bit like hearing the voice of an old friend again!)

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