‘Evolution Vision’: artwork on the blockchain

This is a newly tokenised, special large-size version of my artwork ‘Evolution Vision‘ from ‘Greenwise‘ (nature-inspired) art series (2011). It was inspired by nature, change and Charles Darwin.

I managed to find the largest version of the original file. There will only ever by 5 of these in existence, available now at MakersPlace, where you can easily put in a bid, via MetaMask (eth) browser extension..

The item is branded in top left corner.

It was also to express early ideas about a VR game-world where users gain insight into nature and evolutionary change. Later on, these became a book I’m still writing (now on Wattpad): ‘Fountellion’. A player/reader could receive a token like this after completion of a Fountellion ‘insight’, as an in-game item.

For more info about how to buy, see this video from MakersPlace and tokenised artwork:


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