First mainstream movie on Crypto (2019) is called…

Crypto‘ (!)… yes, a profound marketing coup…

We could all be pleasantly surprised… somehow…

I’ve nothing against Kurt Russell, who features, but the film doesn’t look like it’s going to do any massive favours for the cryptocurrency/blockchain space… (!) Was it entirely funded with crypto at least? Don’t think so

However, it’s a step… and it seems to show there’s something cooler than Wall Street (wolves) in town…

Maybe next we’ll get a romantic comedy about gambling, addiction and love… Or a ‘Game of Thrones’ saga about early tribalism between altcoiners and bitcoin maximalists. Or… a ‘Social Network’ type film documenting greed, lavish parties, idealism… and a new round of super geeks. Will the Winklevoss twins be laughing this time, at the end?

A film called Hodlers might be less exciting.

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