Travala (AVA) on the rise

Projects are emerging that directly encourage – or tempt – crypto-hodlers to actually start spending some of their ‘assets.’ Could it be time for a break? Yes, even Ade’s Press needs a break from writing, music or making art, or crypto-collectibles (!) is a website that seems like just another regular travel/hotel booking site. But you’d be mistaken.

It uses the NEO blockchain for trusted bookings, trusted reviews, and accepts both fiat and a wide range of cryptocurrencies to book over 500,000 hotels in over 200 countries. On average prices are 15% cheaper than mainstream booking sites, thanks to Travala’s strategic partnerships, and the token scheme. No matter if you pay with crypto or fiat, you still get rewarded with crypto AVA, which is all good for its growth.

Trusted Reviews

Can you trust many of the ‘positive’ reviews on major travel sites? Fake accounts can make fake reviews. And are travellers properly incentivised to bother to leave positive reviews? Well, by rewarding users in AVA they now can be, and using blockchain they are decentralised and not possible to fabricate.

Platform Engagement, the crypto ‘Frequent Flyer’

Travala has great plans for its globally-available AVA token to live and breathe on its platform, functioning already as a rewards scheme (SMART), referral incentive, membership access and direct payment method. And not only this, if its ecosystem was to achieve growth and adoption, the use-cases for the token could extend to many of the areas that integrate with, or constitute, an entire travel experience: Airline bookings, car rentals, discounts, activities, venues etc. And if you don’t want to use your AVA tokens for any of this? Just send it to a global exchange/marketplace and exchange it for fiat or another crypto.


It’s early days. The wallet is integrated for deposits and withdrawals, but the external purchase of AVA is not especially easy, since it’s not yet on every exchange (I recommend KuCoin). Otherwise, it’s simply a case of AVA finding that growth and adoption. In fact, the only drawback or consideration is precisely that value and traction, and its association with the wider crypto market and bitcoin, that still heavily influences all others. And of course, the competition from centralised competitors it aims to disrupt.

Even if you don’t want to invest in AVA right now, and its future potential, one should recognise Travala as being the NOTA (Next-generation Online Travel Agency) that it is. So it’s worth registering, exploring around the site, checking out the integrated wallet, and supporting the project in this way. It could come in handy for when you decide to feel the buzz of burning some crypto for once, to directly bring your life some R&R.

At time of writing, the company itself is seeking crowdfunding, which means you can even sign up to own a slice of this whole exciting travel ecosystem, in its early stages.

Checking out the dedicated blog, can give an updated idea of what traction both AVA and Travala are experiencing.

I’d be v. grateful if you’d use my Referral Link here (to register on website), and help give me a break from this blog one day!

Travala Twitter updates
Price of AVA on Livecoinwatch
A great YT video from Chico Crypto

Note: This post is another personal Ade’s Press Crypto adventure. Please do your own research for this is not professional financial advice. Comments or corrections are highly valued please see below and for Telegram etc. details.


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