ODEM airdrop and listing on KuCoin

listing of ODEM on KuCoin

Occasionally, Ade’s Crypto Press identifies an important buy opportunity/signal. Having covered ODE coin (ODEM or On Demand Education project) previously it’s good news to see an upcoming listing of ODE at the major crypto exchange KuCoin. They’re also offering an airdrop for holders of over 50 KCS and the snapshot takes place in few days time 17th April. (Details here.)

KCS and ODE are both good coins to hold and at time of writing are on my long-term HODL portfolio. So it’s a chance to buy one by holding / purchasing the other.

Here is my KuCoin registration offer for those looking to sign up at this exchange (you can read more about KCS at my previous post.)


It’s also a good time to buy into KCS long-term. The current price has seen a sharp decline following the end of a previous KuCoin Spotlight (Initial Exchange Offering) of Multi-Vac coin (where the price rose massively).

There would seem to be good space for another rise, in current market conditions, and with this offer in mind plus other exchange news. There could also be a new Spotlight offering in the future.

The price of KCS is expected to rise and possibly decline just after the airdrop.

Current price of KCS = $1.18 (14th April)

Follow up:

Price on 17th April = $1.20

Note: we didn’t see a lot of rise on this signal, but continued healthy growth and accumulation. This Binance remain a great long-term hodl with its ambitious plans, including DEX.

Disclaimer: I’m currently invested in KCS. However, I’m not a professional financial advisor this is just my personal opinion. Always do your own research into these projects.


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