A good time to Buy and HODL!

‘HODL the door’ as FOMO white-walkers could at any time storm through the (still wintery) woods…

2019 has been kind so far for altcoins. Now it could be Bitcoin’s turn. Their fate is tied.

Ade’s Crypto Press advises Bitcoin accumulation and hodling here in April 2019.

I would not be trading or betting on negative volatility right now. For the hodlers are back, and traders may be left holding only one thing, if/when Jack Bitcoin leaves town….

No-one knows anything. The future is cloudy… but the crypto Force continues to awaken. There are movements and signs across the board. Alliances have been forming and foundations have been buidling for users and institutions to move towards the hot-tub that is the public crypto escape from all that is slow, private and banking.

Potential catalysts such as Bakkt, Telegram and Facebook plus wider institutional interest combine with general development including Lightning Network that make Bitcoin an increasingly useful and attractive asset. Besides, tokens of monetary value crisscross the globe at emerging social media sites before any major player has been able to integrate anything that would only bolster Bitcoin’s credibility. Trust is also increasing, if it were ever needed. There continue to be hacking at centralised exchanges, outages at major providers like Google, and data breaches at Facebook.

In terms of volatility, there are more stablecoins now than ever before to keep traders and investors in crypto, but pegged to the dollar.

Bitcoin is at this time dominating the market. There will be pull-backs but the general trend is upwards and onwards.

Whatever happens, winter was here. This is Bitcoin Season Six. Few folk yet understand its power.

Disruption still comes…

Price in April = $5,492.05

Follow up:

Price in August 2019 =


Note: personal opinion not professional financial advice. Always do your own research.


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