Really Handy List of crypto-powered social networks

promoting new crypto social networks

Out now! This very useful updating page list of crypto-powered or blockchain-based social media network sites.

Still on Facebook? It works fine as a global directory, but do you trust it with postings of your creative output, wider or more personal thoughts, ideas or learning? Secure, distributed computing technology – decentralised – is emerging rapidly to the rescue, along with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency that can be globally traded and swapped for your local currency. It even removes advertising.

Steemit was one of the first on the scene, with its own blockchain Steem. It’s now grown beyond this one experiment and includes numerous projects or ‘dapps’ that utilise its blockchain.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest experiments looking to generate the right formula for possible long-term engagement, user rewards, development growth and overall usability, decentralisation versus centralisation, and effective categorisation.

They also all depend (to a certain degree) on the cryptocurrency market and the price of Bitcoin, which in some ways is a shame, until we see further growth, whereby the amazing power and potential of this new technology can get a major push, along with expansion of their exciting ecosystems.

Also, perhaps some of these native tokens could turn out to become very wise investments….

List of Crypto-powered Social Network sites

Stay tuned to Ade’s Crypto Press for further additions and reviews on opportunities with some of the best or most-used platforms.


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