Earn REW tokens for writing reviews

This project looks interesting and will allow users to earn REW tokens for their engagement with the app+platform. This includes contributing comprehensive reviews, watching ads and completing marketing surveys. It’s still in its early stages, where right now the main thing is to pre-register your interest, which is pretty painless. There is a ‘working’ mobile app (in beta).

‘A Decentralised Market Feedback Platform’

It’s certainly about time we all had a dedicated, trusted platform on the blockchain for accessing reviews, while also getting paid (at last) for contributing our views and ideas.

At time of writing the mobile app seems to still have a few issues. However, at this stage it’s more about supporting it by downloading it on your mobile and then awaiting new updates. It’s currently running on the Ethereum testnet, and also uses IPFS.

explaining Review Network image


I’ve just pre-registered to be in line for 150 free sign-up tokens, so you’ll need to include a token-ready Ethereum address (MetaMask etc).

Similar Projects

You can also check out a similar project StormPlay, where you can also download an app and earn Bolts crypto, for completing marketing research, trying out games etc. (use Ade’s Press code 9E3CMK for a bonus).

Revain.org – this is a review platform orientated towards crypto analysis, where you can earn RVN tokens.


May 2019


Project website and White Paper
About the REW token
Telegram updates
Medium info
REW token price (not yet live)


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