Amazon Alexa: Quicklist of Crypto ‘Skills’

For owners of Amazon Alexa, I occasionally experiment with Alexa Skills (visit the store) and can recommend the following……

logo for Alexa Skill for Ade's Crypto Press

My Crypto Press ! – Yes, brought to you from Ade’s Press! This will give you random 2-at-a-time clues to passive income opportunities and exciting crypto projects from posts here on this blog. Let me know if you like the skill via review, comment or Telegram. I will update it with new ‘clues’ over time.

Once enabled, just say ‘open My Crypto Press’ to activate….

News and Prices

These can be added to your Flash Briefing:

Crypto Voice – based on the leading topics from Cryptopanic news aggregator. Also comes with handy ‘Crypto Coins’ summary.


Crypto Manager -eg. “What is the current value of…”, “Add Stellar to portfolio”, “Update Stellar”. Also gives the full valuation in your relevant currency.

More Facts etc.

Cryptopedia – eg. “Open crypto facts.” Gives a quick dose.

Blockchain ideas – eg. “Give me the next big blockchain idea.”

There are also lots of quizzes on specific cryptos.

Remember just to say “Next” etc. to skip an item in a skill, once its enabled. Then you don’t necessarily have to sit through it there and then.

Visit the full Alexa Guide


Last update: June 2020


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