Amazon Alexa: Quicklist of Crypto ‘Skills’

For owners of Amazon Alexa, I occasionally experiment with Alexa Skills (visit the store) and can recommend the following:

News and Prices

These can be added to your Flash Briefing:

Crypto Voice – based on the leading topics from Cryptopanic news aggregator. Also comes with handy ‘Crypto Coins’ summary.


Crypto Manager -eg. “What is the current value of…”, “Add Stellar to portfolio”, “Update Stellar”. Also gives the full valuation in your relevant currency.

Facts etc.

My Crypto P.I. – brought to you from Ade’s Press! This will give you random clues to passive income ops from posts here on this blog. Let me know if you like the skill via comment or Telegram.

Cryptopedia – eg. “Open crypto facts.” Gives a quick dose.

Blockchain ideas – eg. “Give me the next big blockchain idea.”

There are also lots of quizzes on specific cryptos.

Remember just to say “Next” etc. to skip an item in a skill, once its enabled. Then you don’t necessarily have to sit through it there and then.

Visit the full Alexa Guide


Last update: May 2019


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