Decentralised VR ‘Metaverses’: Enjin (ENJ) + High Fidelity (on EOS)

The movie themes in TRON and Ready Player One both highlight the importance of free and open ‘metaverses’, but getting the foundations in place for these after the recent bear market and with the problem of slow VR headset adoption can be tricky.

High Fidelity Logo

Nevertheless, High Fidelity is a big new VR platform on the EOS blockchain (and with its own crypto stablecoin pegged to the dollar).

It is, however, having to shift its focus to non-VR users, and will also concentrate on enabling VR folk to set up and run their own private virtual spaces, with the option to open them up to the public.

Check out my full article on this over at Gaming Impact. You can already get started playing around with High Fidelity and creating content for the marketplace.

ENJIN, ERC-1155 token and their amazing mobile app/wallet

Logo image for Enjin

Speaking of marketplaces, Enjin coin is also laying blockchain gaming and virtual foundations with its own collectible marketplace (integrated into the Enjin wallet) and rise of its new token standard: ERC-1155.

ERC-1155 allows for the creation of fungible, semi-fungible, and non-fungible assets, meaning that with one standard, developers can create ubiquitous assets (like coins/gems) and rare collector’s items, thus increasing interoperability and creating more use cases. Also, this newfangled standard, created by Enjin’s CTO and developed by leading developers in the Ethereum sector, will also aid gas usage.

You can pay to mint your own tokens here.

Enjin’s well-known mobile wallet is worth downloading, because it remains one of the best and most secure, and enables storage for a wide array of cryptos.

It will also be well-integrated with Binance Chain, and allow for asset trading on Binance DEX from the wallet itself.

Enjin also has EnjinX, which is its own Ethereum blockchain explorer for exploring gaming-related assets. See resources and article below to deep dive into the work of Enjin and learn what role their coin could bring to the massive gaming industry.


Read all Enjin updates on Medium here.
Check out Why Should Game Developers Use the Enjin Platform?

Current price of ENJ on Livecoinwatch


May 2019


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