‘Earn’ Interest on your Crypto: Update

I was going to put together a bigger post on this evolving trend in the cryptocurrency space, which allows hodlers to gain interest by lending out their crypto in interesting – and also risky – ways, be it to margin traders, compound protocols or whatever.

However, luckily(!) I came across this excellent post at Nodes of Value.com, which includes most, if not all, of the options available, with decent summaries.

Still on my radar

For long-term peace of mind, I’m most interested in BlockFi and Nexo.io, because they’ve taken their time to evolve their products, and are well supported.

They also look set to expand their options to include either more cryptocurrencies, or allowing smaller amounts for entry by which to earn (although you can still deposit any amount).

It’s certainly a nice option to ‘put away’ a part of one’s portfolio, especially if you really believe in its long-term value, in this changing space. I’m a firm believer in storing your own crypto, but I do like options, and believe that increased custodianship will encourage ‘store of value’ aspect of Bitcoin, for one.

With modern tech and crypto or ‘DeFi’, the process is so quick and easy (and for withdrawals too) that it’s well worth putting the time into researching first.

So… ‘Keep Calm and Hodl On… and earn interest on the way.’

May 2019

See also: the earlier Ade’s Press post: Crypto: A Borrower and a Lender Be


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