The (Ade’s Press) Curated CryptoLink Directory

The following crypto links form a directory primed to keep you up-to-date on what’s going down (or even up!) with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Many of the projects have been covered here at Ade’s Press and are being tracked and updated. Even better, the list features Offers and Referrals for those not yet so active in the space who should be looking at getting accounts with exchanges, sites and dapps… so start here…!

image of tree with Bitcoin at centre


Check the big News on CryptoPanic
Check news on BTC, ETH, EOS,VET, XTZ
Check charts on Coinmarketcap
Check live charts on Livecoinwatch
Compare interest rates on Coinmarketcap
Check charts / explore coins by category: CryptoSlate
Explore the top-ranked dApps
Crypto Calendar of upcoming Crypto Events
Check Blocktivity – blockchain usage
Explore the Defi prime blog


I (still) mine Bitcoin here at Flymining
Get your own Unstoppable Name
I use a Wirex btc Visa card of course
Invest in many cryptos at once
My nice Coinbase offer
My nice Binance offer
My nice KuCoin offer
My nice Bitpanda offer
My NASH (neo dex) offer
My nice TransferWise offer
GBP/EUR to BTC @Binance.Je
Get $100 PRO Tokens at

RARE ART (NFTs) @Ade’sPress

View rare Creations (via Ade’sPress)
View rare Creations (on MakersPlace)
View my rare Collection (on MakersPlace)
View Ade’s Press NFTs on Opensea
View all Ade’s Press Profile (Opensea)
Explore all markets on Mintbase


Stake your EOS tokens at Staker.One
Earn 4 music creations/uploads at Emanate
Register your site etc. for Brave Rewards
Register your site etc. for Tubes
Earn 4 learning about crypto at Coinbase Earn
Earn 4 reading about crypto at Publish0x
Earn 4 web-searching with (PRE tokens)
Discover KuCoin Shares for investing in a crypto exchange
Earn interest on crypto at BlockFi
Manage your own crypto fund strategy
Earn 4 doing short surveys:
Download StormPlay app: use code 9E3CMK
Explore mobile apps /games that pay out crypto


Play the ‘no-loss’ de-fi lottery
Learn how to donate crypto to charity
Gaze out at the crypto lights
Make your own ‘HODL Card’
Is it holiday time? – hotel getaways with crypto
Stop by the 🙂
Satoshi Doodles at
Browse rare Art creations at MakersPlace: become a dealer!
Crypto-Monopoly – ?!
Game of Coins – not GoT
Play Roulette on Steem
Play Epic Dice – on Steem
BetHash – Eos dapp and earn daily HASH (see post)
Buy/gift a Bitcoin coin
Buy/gift ‘the’ Casascius


Steempeak – the best Steem explorer
Steemhunt – find cool stuff for Hunt tokens
Engrave -make Steem-based site


Check out my Keep Calm+HODL on portfolio
Browse/make your own CryptoMagic HODL Card for reference
Read Ade’s Coin Views
Get the Alexa Skill from Ade’s Press
Join the ‘Rebels‘… sponsor me in BTC
Buy Ade’s Press rare crypto-collectibles
Join Ade’s Press Telegram (new!) and suggest other links


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Last update: Jan 2020
Please notify of any broken links.


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