Bitpanda and the BEST token: Opportunity soon!

It’s not everyday that a major crypto exchange and fiat gateway announce their own token, especially one as determined as Bitpanda, a very established, EU-friendly setup.

This is one token at Ade’s Press to add to my portfolio, especially with the chance of getting in at a nice early price per token.

BEST has only recently been announced to be Bitpanda‘s own token. Founded in Vienna, more and more European users and traders of cryptocurrencies are finding Bitpanda. They are looking for a fast, secure service and fiat-crypto ‘gateway’ that is closer to home (i.e. not the US).

The user experience of Bitpanda is high (although with very similar fees to Coinbase) with a clean wallet-based dashboard. You can also buy digitized gold and silver (a recent feature). It’s my favourite fiat-crypto gateway right now.

They’ve also been developing a new, professional version of their exchange, the Bitpanda Global Exchange. This is where the BEST token will find its value.

Bitpanda BEST token IEO: 9th July

If you’re already a verified member of Bitpanda, you’ll receive a small airdrop of BEST tokens anyway, but if not then now is a great time to sign up, whereupon you’ll also be able to access the IEO period 9th July to August 6th 2019.

When can you sell your BEST bitpanda tokens? From August 7th, you’ll be able to trade your token on the new Bitpanda Global Exchange. If you think you’ll be someone using this new trading platform, you might want to hang on to the token.

Logo for the BEST token at Bitpanda

Logo for the BEST token

It will prove to be a useful token relating not only to fees but future IEO Launchpad access on the Bitpanda Global Exchange.

  • PDF document on the Key Facts about the BEST ecosystem token.
  • More information about the BEST token on Bitpanda site, including countdown to the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering period).


Ade’s Press Referral Offer…

Yes, you can sign up with my Bitpanda offer, where you’ll get 10 euros free.

It represents a good opportunity, so start here with your own research.


Your thoughts on this?

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