2 Topical Videos in the face of Hype

With all the mainstream hype about Facebook including various Wall Street endorsements and seriously under-researched non-crypto journalist articles everywhere, it’s important to take stock and watch some experienced Youtube hodlers.

Light-hearted but well-balanced Crypto Daily needs featuring here, especially as he resurrects his first-class ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ parody from Dec 2017, but goes on to explore some really interesting stats about Alt Coin gains just not sustaining.


Also, some vital Need-to-Know info on Facebook Globalcoin from Andreas Antonopoulos:


Re: The US clamp-down of BINANCE tokens

I don’t think Binance are especially worried since they’ve made enough money and exert enough influence in the space plus they’ve already taken steps to maintain the US market with their Binance US launch soon. However, I don’t think the clamp-down is particularly warranted as they are simply in business to make money and have proven themselves reliable and transparent in the face of hacking attempts. However, it’s somewhat understandable perhaps while there is uncertainty surrounding tokens. Many will bypass via VPN in any case.
There is enough long-term potential growth for the BNB token in the countries that Binance still operate in full, in these early stages of crypto. But such is the nature of crypto and its threat to the status quo, and many fears surrounding it. The shadow of risk and loss of funds remain important concerns, so hopefully Binance DEX will continue to grow and provide a secure longer term solution.


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