Review: BitTube and earning TUBES for posting

BitTube logo : are you a bittuber?

Are you a content creator or creative person interested in monetizing your work, channel or website via cryptocurrency? You may already be using the Brave browser and/or earning yourself some extra BAT via Brave Rewards, but… it’s worth doing the same with BitTube and TUBES.

[This post forms part of my Crypto for Creatives posts.]

You don’t have to be a content creator! TUBES give you the power to reward any of the great and lesser-known, struggling artists, streamers, writers, musicians, reviewers out there in whatever groups you follow, or whatever circles you move in. You’ll even get your own fast, feature-rich profile page where you can subscribe to them.

Ok…so you download the BitTube app (or add the browser extension) and you can start linking your WordPress site, Twitter feed, Youtube channel etc. to your Tube wallet. This will involve verifying that you own these accounts (via a code). This is all part of the ‘AirTime module.’

Being able to tip or receive crypto: it’s all a bit revolutionary, especially in terms of decentralising media, going ad-free and sharing revenue via the token and Tube’s own blockchain network.

If BitTube and TUBE coin is easy-to-use and well-integrated with existing social media, then capturing adoption away from centralised media will bring in the growth it needs. They’ve just released an improved ‘hub’ site which will make me personally use TUBES a lot more (read on….)

Tube crypto logo

The TUBE coin logo is here!

I’ve just been checking out the new hub, which merges video and social media content, groups, profiles etc in one (very) nice ‘hub’.

It’s better and broader now. When I first discovered it, it was just for video content and overall it seemed complex. Now it feels easier to use, to navigate and has more features including a built-in private message tool and tools for streamers to leverage.

In terms of amount of media you might want to upload, this is where BitTube’s dynamic membership options come in.

There is also something called ‘XP’ which rewards engagement with the site, and can go towards membership fees. You can also pay with paypal or crypto. Check out the details of each level.

Profile pages are particularly good. Here you’ll get a Facebook-style page with post wall that is fast, clear and very easy to understand and customise with all your links to social channels etc.

Check out the Ade’s Crypto Press page live there now.

BitTubers is the sort of refreshing example to show off if you’re explaining crypto to someone and how it all differs from Facebook etc.

Indeed, it’s looking like a very worthy project, and I can’t help but be impressed on the level of integration and features. The app/extension even comes with an ad-blocker, useful for chrome, plus a VPN option that can be funded direct from your AirTime TUBE earnings.


Doesn’t take too long. Since I have a Chromebook I either use Chrome or Brave browser, and on the former I’ve added the BitTube chrome extension, which works well.

There’s a mobile wallet app too to download from Google Play/Apple store, for storing your TUBES more safely, and for staking. It took me some time to get the right keys in, as it’s a little complex still on the wallet side of things in BitTube world. This could be one area they could simplify. It seems like you get different wallets for online, and for each social media account.

However, this is actually good news because the TUBE coin is native with its own blockchain (a fork of Monero, using a Proof-of-Work algorithm) and not an Ethereum token for example.


It looks like BitTube and TUBES have strong potential to grow, with useful features and the BitTubers hub is now a big step forward.

Oh, and there is also a WooCommerce Payment Gateway, allowing you to accept payments on your website. To quote the site:

Link it to your BitTube account and start accepting fast and commission-free payments. Allows for automatic conversion from local currency to TUBE based on real-time exchange rates.


I’ll be adding any TUBES I earn from these crypto highlights, artwork etc. to my long-HODL portfolio.
[At time of writing I can’t accept TUBES via wordpress, but I’ve successfully linked my Twitter account so far.]

So… if this has brought BitTube and TUBES to your attention, then you can experiment with a tip to my Twitter (most welcome!)


Get the BitTube browser or extension
Visit the new hub including Features & Roadmap

Learn about the Tube coin
Go to the mining pool

Price of TUBES on


July 2019

One response to “Review: BitTube and earning TUBES for posting

  1. Im wondering why big Sites(who loose adds)dont use it…With the Airtime Module you get tubes even if from non bittube users!



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