And before Libra… there was GRAM on the TON Blockchain

logos of Telegram and TON

Telegram’s GRAM for its own, high-tech TON blockchain and ecosystem could be one of the biggest things to happen in crypto this year, next to the ‘endorsement’ by Facebook with its Libra intentions.

I’ve been reading about the TON blockchain itself and it is… impressive, if it can deliver.

The crypto lending platform NEXO have just announced you’ll be able to use it as collateral.

If anything goes wrong, Facebook’s Libra stablecoin will be watching closely, and adapting their own launch plans if need be.

I will try and research and find out just how the two blockchains will differ under the hood. But Telegram’s TON will be first on the scene, and their existing chat and messenger is well-loved and used by the entire crypto community.

However, anything can happen. Regulation, technology, rates of adoption, performance… all these wait to be seen.



One-page overview of TON and GRAM


To be continued…..

July 2019




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