Strong Cuppa Crypto: FANTOM (FTM) and CROWDLITOKEN (CRT)

Market July 2019

Crypto market sentiment remains positive with the launch of some big projects still to come this year (eg. Bakkt futures), along with a growing ecosystem of hodlers, traders, investors and institutional interest, even while the spectre of regulation still holds Bitcoin back like a loaded catapult.

The positive upturn happened this year, and now the market feels uncertain and more dependent on news items, tech development and catalysts positive or negative.

In short, it’s now very difficult to see which way the market will move. Will the gains hold this year, spread out into altcoins or will BItcoin retain its dominance and climb higher?

And now we have a new spectre swaying the markets: Facebook and Libra. Any negativity towards its go-ahead has (recently) caused major market downturns. The result of this is that many people have warmed up towards Libra, and are actually beginning to understand it.

All that aside, strong Bitcoin believers will simply see any dips as buy opportunities this year. Altcoin hodlers are waiting for Bitcoin money to flow back into their deflated positions, and it’s likely this will happen to the better projects anyway. Hopefully, some of these will be those mentioned on this blog previously (see coinviews).

But remember the mantra: If in doubt, Keep Calm and HODL on.


…Meanwhile the innovation continues with really strong cryptos beginning to rise up, including STOs (better regulated ones).

Here I’m highlighting 2 very different projects, partly for my own reference, and so I can return to this entry and update it, or add to it.

These would also be added to the Long-HODL portfolio.


Fantom (FTM)

In short, it’s a DAG (not yet tested at scale but allegedly more scalable than blockchain) so it’s not a blockchain but its team has driven its tech into the spotlight, with smart contract capability and staking feature, lots of exchange listings (including Binance) and a recent Dubai partnership for smart city research. Will it be secure?

Deeper explanation from Chico Crypto:

Fantom Foundation website
Blog updates
Twitter updates
Current price on Livecoinwatch


Crowdlitoken (CRT)

It’s an attractive pull: invest easily in property (for as little as 100 euros or ETH) around the globe via a digital token and an online dashboard. Receive returns in more tokens you can re-invest or cash out.

Crowdlitoken is a regulated, asset-backed real-estate STO, and is pretty ground-breaking. I’m not sure about the name, but it all looks good.

Need to know
Full list of real-estate cryptos or tokens on CryptoSlate


I like both these early projects so will keep an eye out and see how they go.


Note: Nothing here is professional financial advice. Invest at your own risk and always do your own research.


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