Top VR Highlights: incl. ‘Anne Frank House VR’

Anne Frank promo pic for VR experience

Today I’ve tried out 2 new apps on the Oculus Store: Looking Glass and Anne Frank House VR.

image for Looking Glass VR app

Looking Glass VR is very simple, but it’s pretty cool: you’re at an old desk, having selected a period of human history. What’s striking is the way the old photos appear so vividly from out of history through the ‘looking glass’ before you. This is due to the ‘stereographic cards’ created by the first 3D viewer in 1838, now available in VR. So it’s basically a pure example of new technology giving new life to old.

But while using this app I found myself actually reading and ‘studying’ history in this ‘antique’ context, in a way that our modern surroundings just don’t allow, with all our many distractions. It made me think – for the first time – that a Virtual Desktop could be very useful ‘quiet space’ for working, and I notice there’s now a new app with this title, that might be worth checking out.

Looking Glass: Oculus page link


Anne Frank House VR meanwhile is a comprehensive experience from World War 2, without any soldiers or fighting, but based around that famous diary. Maybe the best thing, if you’ve not already heard of Anne Frank, is to read about her here on Everipedia. This may spark more interest in experiencing this app, from top developers Force Field.

I just love the way VR has this power to illustrate so fully important stories from history with such presence, without even the need to visit the actual house in Amsterdam. In fact, here we’re given two options: Story Mode and Tour Mode. The creaky floorboard sounds and noise of the planes overhead increase the mood, but it’s Anne’s words and the deserted nature of the ‘secret annex’ in the house that will move you.

Anne Frank VR: Oculus page link

The trailer for Anne Frank House VR has been added to Ade’s Press Youtube VR highlights… You can also see it here:

Future of info-tainment

Both these apps are ideal for everyone to get an idea, a memory, of something historical in a way that TV just can’t. You even get to own and relive the experience.

Check out a previous VR Highlight (‘Meeting Rembrandt‘) that brings to life history like never before, and shows the real value of Virtual Reality experiences today.

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