Buy Stock Photos with Bitcoin (via Lightning Network)!

What else can you do with your spare Bitcoin (via Lightning Network for micro transactions)?

Well, now you can source and buy Stock Photos or Artwork for blog posts, hybrid artwork, publications etc etc… and you can charge for ‘less than a penny’.

This nice n’ new little dapp from Blockstack’s range [of which its STX token has been covered here before]. This also means that any photos you do purchase will be stored on decentralised storage.

So go check out the dapp now… Bitcoin4Photos [also read the FAQ]

It’s the same v. simple log-in via your existing Blockstack ID (where ONLY you control your keys and data!)


It’s true, we’ve got some other projects like Photochain (still not there yet), MakersPlace etc (more collectible and art-orientated) and you can effectively post any picture to BitTube (for TUBES) or Narrative (for NRVE) or in return for votes, but… it’s great to see this dedicated dApp for sourcing, buying and storing stock photography.

Note: For withdrawals, it will take a bit of time to set up a Lightning Network wallet etc.

I’ll try put up some of my own stock here from time to time.

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See you on the moon.

August 2019


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