What is Permaculture? You’ll need this…

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Indeed… Google/Youtube uses some crafty algorithms to bring up similar videos once you start following or liking videos. It’s partly thanks to this that I find myself watching via smartTV some pretty impressive YT content on gardening, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, crypto etc…. (Note: It helps not to have the distraction of regular TV).

Anything I really like (or find decent or well made) I add to a Permaculture playlist / saved videos after or during watching. Feel free to follow the full playlist if you’re looking to keep track. You may find yourself getting deeper into the subject yourself.

Here are a few essential introductory videos on Permaculture, which is a more perennial, ‘no-dig’ approach to gardening but which expands to a whole ‘greenwise’ perspective and design theory. It’s also one solution to climate change that has the potential to spread much further:

Here’s the link to the full Permaculture Youtube playlist again, which you can subscribe to. You can also support my Youtube channel via BAT / Brave browser automatic payments, which will also support this playlist.

Another great content producer on Permaculture on Youtube is Happen Films, which can be supported/donated to via crypto with Tubes or BAT.

Comments with other video links welcome.

Best green-wise wishes 🙂
Sept 2019


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