Engrave: your own Steem website

Engrave logo

Engrave is a new dapp that uses the Steem Blockchain to allow anyone to throw together their very own decentralised, monetized website plus (free) domain, plus dashboard, …and other impressive features.

You won’t pay anything unless you earn something. And if so, everything will be settled-up automatically!

The above quote in particular sums up the beauty of crypto-powered websites.

You’ll need a Steem account, but this dapp looks a little ‘killer’-ish in terms of spreading decentralisation, the #NewSteem initiative (which promotes more manual curation at last and with Tribes) and a potential home for Smart Media Token projects.

It probably allows you to present/import a lot of existing posts which could now see a lot of Steem users break further away from Steemit. Perhaps you can specify what content appears where.

Enabling users to organise, present and publish their posts and content again will be no bad thing.

I’ve not tested it yet, or the dashboard, which will be the key for control over one’s site features but it may take a while to get as comprehensive as WordPress.

Hopefully they’ll have an easy ‘Donate Steem’ button, to encourage life-long rewards for great or ‘evergreen’ posts.


For now, visit the site, scroll down…and also check out some live example sites:


State of the Dapps page

Oct 2019

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