Electroneum (ETN) cloud-mining code

logo for Electroneum

Electroneum (ETN), a fork of Monero, manages to remain an interesting, well-supported crypto project via its cloud-mining app, and potential to pay mobile airtime/data with ETN. It remains a project aimed at developing countries.

image of Electroneum's mining app smartphone

The app comes with built-in ETN wallet.

You can enter my code 5B872D in the app to receive a 1.00% bonus on everything you mine with the app. ETN can be sent and exchanged for BTC at many exchanges including KuCoin and Huobi.

There’s also a latest project AnyTasks.com coming soon, which is a freelancing project where you can get paid in ETN, but the buyer pays with debit/credit card.

Check the roadmap to see how far the project has progressed, plus future plans.


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