Blade Runner: no longer set in the future

Retro Blade Runner poster image

Welcome to November 2019 (L.A) a dystopian world where ‘replicants’ walk among us, fossil fuels burn through the night and reality in general is getting replaced… or abandoned. How do we start to distinguish between what is real and what is manufactured?

It’s not (quite) the cyberpunk world of today (or is it?), but it’s the date when the original Blade Runner movie was set. You could argue that certain forms of technology have begun to take over our lives and begun to ‘replace’ us, or aspects of what we were?

To commemorate and reflect on all this, check out the Ade’s Press Pinterest board (‘Cyberpunk Inspiration’), spinner-bursting with amazing artwork and posters. It seems the message and legacy already strong in Philip K. Dick’s original book ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?‘ lives on….

At the same time, it also makes one appreciate the original, cult poster, created by one John Alvin (hero of 80s movie ‘key art’ I’ve just discovered).

original cult Blade Runner movie poster

“Man Has Made His Match… Now It’s His Problem” (!)


Crypto-Collectible available…

Also! If you have some spare crypto, you can check out, purchase and own a rare ‘tokenised’ collectible poster (from Ade’s Press) here on ‘Blade Runner: An Empathy Test

(To learn more about what crypto-collectibles are, see previous post.)

‘It’s too bad she won’t live… but then again, who does?’ [live?]


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