Create your own art portfolio at Creary (4 crypto!)

promo image of Creary

I don’t like Pixabay or Unsplash, offering ‘free’ stock photos and artwork, but I guess it gives people access to more images.

But they give nothing back to creators and cut into the stock art and photo market, along with originality. I don’t particularly like Adobe Behance portfolios, Flickr and stuff either. It’s all about roping you into ordering prints, Adobe products etc. rather than any actual community features. Also, you just don’t know what will happen to the subscription options.

It takes time and effort to make art and portfolios, and these sites are just milking people’s desire for exposure.

But… there’s a greater chance that everyone can find their audience and supporters.

Introducing Creary on CREA blockchain

Yeah I do like projects like Creary (beta), the main dapp on the Crea blockchain. I’d never heard of this chain, but found the dapp working on It looks very much like Steem and Smart Media Tokens, so Steemian creators will feel at home.

Advantages include: getting a reward based in tokens, gaining some exposure, registering and ‘owning’ your work on a blockchain, not being (overly) censored or filtered, and being able to sell your work peer-to-peer (via your own marketplace).

I know it’s all working because I’ve signed up, got my blockchain account and uploaded a couple of illustrations.

It was all painless and easy, so bravo for the on-boarding.

Check it out: first project: ‘The Crypto Tree‘.

image of tree with Bitcoin at centre

What’s nice is you can see exactly how much you earn on your posts, and when you receive a payout. And the ‘blockchain certificate’ or data of ownership is cool to see.

I also like the dashboard. It’s VERY similar to Steemit, and even has 3 tokens involved, CREA, CGY and tradeable CBD. You can delegate and promote, so Steemians will not be lost here.

How does it work?

First dapp of Crea info

You can read more about the project and blockchain techie info at this engaging page here.

There’s also a good interview with the project founders here on Creative Crypto.

Many artists, illustrators, photographers and creatives are disillusioned with the stock art situation, so Creary, with a more arty / pinterest look (and as a Steemit for artists) may have come along at a good time.

Let’s just see some growth.

So… content creators out there… sign up, contribute and give some feedback to people. You can even earn CREA as a curator. Or you can just sign up at the bottom of the project page, to get email updates on progress.

Will hope to update this post, to see how things go with another nice crypto project for creatives.

Nov 2019




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