7+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Crypto Lovers and Bitcoin Geeks

Looking for cryptocurrency gift or present ideas for loved ones this Christmas? You’ve come to the right post. A more balanced, longer-term sentiment has entered the markets now that hype has died down, but even if ‘Bitcoin Claus’ never shows up to load up digital stockings across the globe (like in Dec 2017) there are lots of related treats to gift to those locked-in to continual developments, global reactions and the potential to disrupt – and inspire.

[Note: Not in any order. Contains referral links to support this site.]


1. Bitcoin (+ offline paper wallet)

sample of Bitcoin Paper Wallet (adespress)


At least you know hodlers won’t be disappointed with the gift of actual Bitcoin, especially when offered in a secure and interesting way – the Paper Wallet way. One of these is really easy to create and print out, following the excellent instructions on this site. There are also a nice choice of designs to select. You can order pre-loaded wallets from the homepage directly using Paypal. The point with these wallets is that there’s no connection to the internet going on, and no intermediary, so funds are securely registered on-chain.


2. Altcoins / Other Cryptos

cryptomagic illustration of Ethereum

Jump into CoinbaseBitpanda (Europe) etc. and spread some crypto-love, by selecting one of the major, alternative cryptocurrencies and just sending it by email to any friend and family email. Try to buy when prices are low (or haven’t recently risen).

Coinbase Offer!

Choose wisely, as large investments could prove to be careless, unless you believe and understand the long-term potential. However, small amounts can inspire research and interest. You could also choose a more trendy and safer option such as stablecoin Dai, as this is likely to remain… stable.

An ecosystem and network like Ethereum, where development continues significantly allows room to experiment with a wide range of dapps. Plus, you can buy and collect some extraordinary artwork and digital assets with a nice chunk of Ether.



3. Crypto Art and/or Crypto-Collectibles

Artwork which is tokenised as a ‘digital asset’ registered on the blockchain is a trend worth highlighting again.

Never before, have internet users been able to browse, purchase, own or collect rare digital items and re-sell them on online marketplaces. Perhaps you’ve got big kids who love trading games, using dapps like Steem Monsters.

You’ll need some Ethereum (in most cases) in order to buy and collect rare art etc. by signing up at great art-dedicated sites like MakersPlace.com before browsing the site. It’s easy to gift any image you buy using these sites.



4. ‘HODL Cards’ and/or ‘Info-Cards’ (QR reference)

Maybe you know someone with multiple Bitcoin wallets or investments in crypto already? In that case, Ade’s Crypto Press presents: the ‘HODL Card’ or ‘Info Card’ for very handy, offline (real-world) reference. These vintage-style ‘CryptoMagic’ illustrated cards feature QR reference codes to websites and price information.

Receivers of HODL Cards can add their own QR codes (by printing them out etc.) to feature their Bitcoin public address (or even private address on the reverse). That way, new savings or Bitcoins can be added by scanning the QR.

These creations also encourage long-term HODLing and staking, helping to reduce the temptation to trade (a little).

You can check out these cards plus the whole ‘CryptoMagic’ zazzle shop category of items.

this store is always open.

You can customise most of the designs on a number of items and products and personalise them inside and out. The zazzle designer is a great tool.
[Apologies, the items only ship from the US right now.]



5. Socks, Sweatshirts etc…

Hey, it’s Christmas. Besides, no-one can concentrate properly without a comfortable pair of socks to put on in the morning! Bitcoin logo-adorned ones only contribute to that dedicated sense of well-being and focus. An essential item to show off in the home or in the office. Obviously, there are screen-loads of other products and amusing, crypto-inspired items out there too. And no, I’m not forgetting the jumpers or sweatshirts.


6. Books

The best books on Bitcoin include ‘Mastering Bitcoin’ by Andreas Antonopoulos. Not only is this book the most widely known, but you get a ton of extra, free videos from the author via his Youtube channel.


The Little Bitcoin Book would be an alternative, first reading into the subject.


7. Physical Coins

You can’t deny it, and they don’t make much sense, but at least if every market goes pear-shaped you’ll have something shiny still in your pocket.

They make cool gifts and collectibles too for any crypto-lover or hodler you know.


– Gold plated physical copper Bitcoin

– Physical Bitcoin medal covered with 24-carat real gold. In a noble casket for a true collector’s item.

– 24-gold carat plated Ethereum.

…and you can buy ‘digitised gold’ assets or precious metals as investments (quickly and easily) via Bitpanda.


So those are some mainstream choices covered, but you’ll find some excellent, further tongue-in-cheek designs here and items on leading sites like Etsy and Amazon for those immersed and enchanted by the potential of Bitcoin, blockchain or digital ledger technology.



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