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What is Cryptovoxels? It’s a world built on Ethereum, where you can buy or invest in land parcels, build upon it and just be creative. It’s where you can buy (or collect) objects, install your artwork (NFTs or crypto-collectibles), socialise and generally explore in VR, or directly in your browser.

It’s particularly Ideal for anyone who’s dreamed of designing and opening their own art gallery. The difference here is all transactions are handled automatically by the blockchain, and no delivery trucks are required! That’s why you’ll find numerous galleries to explore.

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What to explore?

– Galleries
– Artists
– Collections

“Maybe you’ll find something to purchase. A little knowledge of cryptocurrency will help you here, since Ether (or ETH) cryptocurrency is the name of the game at this time. The good news: to log in you only need MetaMask, the essential Web3 browser extension you should certainly install. It will pop up from time to time prompting actions for your Ether wallet. The world is built on this public blockchain, and all ownership is (provably) signed to it.”

[Read the full article at Ade’s Press Medium blog…..]

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March 2020


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