and : what are they?

I’ve recently tried these services out (created a page) and think they’ve both got a good idea going.

If you consider how many social networks and services people use for their work, networking, creativity etc… so many links.

What are Linktree and Cointree? They simply provide a customisable list of links in a profile page. It’s of course very easy to customise and re-order your links. is like the crypto version of this, with a focus on payments, so you can customise a list of links to wallets. It also displays QR codes for sending or receiving payments for multiple cryptos (although there could be a lot more integrated.)

I’d recommend both. It’s interesting how a simple idea can catch on, whenever things get too complex. I remember when Facebook came out and everyone was exciting by the Status bar. Then came the ‘wall’ or Newsfeed. Then came Twitter, which sort of hijacked the status bar, and made its own network, just orientated around that. Clever moves.

Whatever works in tech, and catches on.

You can check out my current pages as examples:

A PRO version of Linktree (which I can see being worthwhile in some respects) allows for greater graphical customisation options etc.

I can see more options for adding contacts and making a sort of network, but just out of links, maybe.

Note: Linktree did get some flak for reducing exposure for accounts on Instagram, but I’m not really bothered by this, as I don’t much use or like Instagram or Facebook. But you might need to check this if you’re a content creator etc. who relies on Instagram traffic.

Maybe you’ll find these services useful?

June 2020


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