Where to buy Filecoin (FIL)? What is it all about?

You can’t buy FIL. Not yet.

This project has been some time in development and is set to be of some significance, but the mainnet needs to get going first.

Launching soon….

If you’re part of the testing phase you may be among those mining, or earning Filecoin for sharing your storage, on the decentralised network.

You can expect major exchanges to list FIL and for price of FIL to rise and then fluctuate until it finds its value (which it’s sure to find).

Much will depend on the performance of the mainnet and progress of the project, which will feed a demand for decentralised file storage no longer confined to companies and data centres. Your data may now be stored on your neighbor’s hard drive, who will be earning FIL. But it will all be secured.

It will be a fascinating project, and a much-needed one. It will be interesting to see how it has built on top of IPFS and impact this also. It also has its competitors (see below).

It will be fascinating to see how its consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Storage plays out, and how its marketplace (and token) will thrive.

There has certainly been some investment here.


Filecoin website

Filecoin blog

Filecoin docs – install and mine

Filecoin chain stats


June 2020

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Note: Expect more sporadic updates here at Ade’s Crypto Press about Filecoin, so… sign up!


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