Where to swap VTHO for VET?

If you’re a hodler and supporter of the VeChain network, which has so far had a great year continuing to bring utility and enterprise into public network blockchain, then you might want to know where to swap VTHO (the network ‘gas’ token) for VET.

Hodlers of VET in dedicated VeChain mobile wallets (or on exchanges like Binance) automatically accumulate VTHO gas. You need VTHO in order to send VET or transact on the network, since it’s the integral ‘gas’ token.

It’s a good idea to exchange VTHO for VET (i.e. accumulate more VET ) once in a while, but where is the best place?

One option is to use the excellent OceanEX Pro exchange which is easy to sign up to and trade VTHO for VET at the right price levels.

logo for OceanEXpro crypto exchange at Ade's Press

You don’t need to verify unless you’re dealing with big figures at OceanEx Pro, and you can leave coins there to automatically receive distributions in VTHO. They also have an affiliate program and referral commission (sign up with my link and support Ade’s Press).

(Note: English-users will encounter the occasional, bizarre translations using this exchange!)

It’s not wise to leave coins on centralised exchanges for a long time, as a general rule however.

Note: You can’t swap VET for VTHO at Binance, at time of writing.

So hope this helps!


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  • You can also pick up a VeChain HODL Card (2020) to collect from Ade’s Press, paying in Ethereum.

June 2020


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