Crypto Market View: Paypal + Bitcoin (+ top coin picks)

With rumours about Paypal and Bitcoin integration right now you can expect the market to jump up. There’s no doubt, such a move would bring more interest and hodlers in Bitcoin, allowing for a closer relationship with fiat money.

Personally, I would choose to accept Bitcoin payments any day over Paypal, because I would own that value directly without any intermediary, but the truth is more people still need to discover and carry Bitcoin. They need to discover the difference between fiat and crypto in general.

[Anyway, you can easily cash out crypto to Paypal from Coinbase already.]

My Top Crypto Projects

I don’t like to do ‘coin picks’ as I generally just ‘go long‘ on networks and projects I like for whatever personal reason. Short pumps are great and all, but usually they’ll tumble down again, so require careful timing and trading.

My favourite projects are always limited by the amount of research I actually do, but from what I’ve seen I remain very bullish and excited by the following here in June 2020:

Ethereum – so much happening here, and ETH 2 staking this year unfolding. Also, I use Ethereum on a daily basis for registering artwork. Buy!
Bitcoin – just, because it’s not going anywhere, and is full of potential surprises. (CRO and MCO) – one of the best investments I’ve made, it just keeps growing. Tokens have real-world (payment card) application. They’re incredibly active with promotion and developments, it’s a great mobile app, and has big plans for its own blockchain which will relate to its payment cards.
VeChain (VET) – progressing well.
Tezos (XTZ) – full of surprises.
Hedera (HBAR) – I recently created my wallet address on mainnet. Hedera Hashgraph will be a big network someday.
Binance (BNB) – you can expect recovery in price to continue back to at least $20.
Blockstack (STX) – a great array of real, working decentralised apps.
Filecoin (FIL) – an exciting project to watch unfold.
Arweave (AR) – I love the whole ‘permaweb’ concept.
Chainlink (LINK) – decentralised trust across the space.
Enjin (ENJ) – digital assets
ZIL, ALGO and ATOM – exciting tech, early networks and big future.

You can’t really fault many of the major public blockchain networks which continue to grow and develop. Bullish use-cases include tokenisation of digital items, websites and real-world assets, and dapps. De-fi in general.

Most users want TRUST and permanence, and that doesn’t normally involve a company or corporation. In involves trust built-in. That’s why blockchain browers, phones and computers will arrive.

Obstacles to growth: COVID-19 potentially for investment, but it’s also having the reverse affect, and increasing suspicion towards trad. finance.

A stock market dive can still pull crypto down with it, but resilient ‘permaculture’ crypto projects can ride the storms and even shine in such context (like de-fi).

A note on De-Fi : things are looking very promising here and could be the tinder-box inside the crypto space. But trust as with banks takes time to win, and Ethereum is perhaps the most trusted. If it can continue to transition to faster solutions and provide resilient security then its growth will continue to increase. Just look at Compound explode.

Feel free to drop your coin suggestions in the comments, or via Twitter.

June 2020

Disclaimer: this isn’t professional financial advice, it’s a personal blogsite. Always do your own research first.


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