Ade’s Press Amazon Alexa Skill (‘My Crypto Press’) updated

I’ve just updated the free ‘My Crypto PressAmazon Alexa Skill (I think currently only available on the UK skill store) with now-improved, handy hints relating to the crypto content found on this site.

Discover exciting projects in the cryptocurrency, blockchain or DLT space (via two hints-at-a-time), especially those with Passive Income or interest-earning opportunities. Your personal investigator for the Crypto-verse is ready and at your command to reveal projects that may need closer inspection.

It gives you bite-sized summaries or overviews of projects with good potential for earning ‘passive income’. It can introduce listeners to the stronger crypto projects in the space. ‘Crypto Saving Expert’ could also be part of it.

Obviously, there are tons more projects to add, but I’d like the Skill to highlight only the very best income-generating opportunities in crypto. Leave a comment below or get in touch if you’d like to recommend one be included.

Alexa Skill Blueprints

I’m still impressed by the Alexa Skill Blueprints. It allows anyone to create their own skill, by using a pre-existing Blueprint or template. You can create or share knowledge for anything, to share privately or publicly, from family history, quizzes, to art gallery listening tours etc.

Once you’ve edited a Skill you get to test it on your own Alexa device, before deciding when to publish it to the store.

July 2020


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