Smoky, folky guitar chill-out music: Buy with crypto!

Just as with some previous artwork, (and latest crypto-inspired artwork), I’ve been researching platforms & sites which reward creatives for their music more directly, and use decentralisation too.

These are potentially more permanent platforms, and may even evolve into community-run platforms out of the control of one entity.

There’s the hope that our uploaded content like music files will remain on decentralised storage systems (i.e : no ‘take-downs’).

Audius looks promising in this respect, and is capturing users by imitating much of the style and features of Soundcloud for streaming.

Opensea is evolving rapidly as a gateway for minting music as NFT onto Ethereum + IPFS.

Bottle of chilled guitar music?

Since it happens to be 10 years since I recorded some chill-out guitar folk recordings (‘embertime‘) in France, I’ve put together a 10 yr anniversary collection, featuring the original order of song outlines & experiments.

another world, another time…

Music tracks available as NFTs ?? Yes! Now you can own/collect some of the original recordings via Opensea and other Ethereum NFT marketplaces.

Collect original songs as NFTs...
CD cover design. from orig. project site page.

Discover… wistful tastes of heady Nature in these ‘lost & found’ sounds… Smoky, folky british guitar flavours, never fully released….

These raw, or unrefined ‘songlines’, once dug out of the elements, have aged in Tanglewood for chilling out under the sun, or for deep, fireside contemplation & nostalgic fantasies… They may even be mixed or sampled further to formulate new, strange cocktails…”

Indeed if you’re a talented, maybe an ambient mixer, then you’re welcome to sample sections of guitar.

Drink deep!
warm wishes,

ade mc

album cover for 'distilled' by emberTime (chillout folky guitar)
Collect rare art inspired by embertime + music-making at my MakersPlace store

More info on ’emberTime’ (and ’embient’) at my main music page.
Includes tracks inspired by fantasy movies.

July 2020 (opensea update 2022)


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