‘Strong (De-Fi) Hand 2020’ (Pop Art Editions)

Currently on sale, freshly-minted, rare NFT / tokenised, collectible CRYPTO-ART on MakersPlace….

'strong (de-fi) hand' artwork detail

Strong ‘De-Fi’ Hand 2020 (Vintage Pop version) -1/10, detail

Strong ‘De-Fi’ Hand 2020 (Pop art version) – 1/5, detail

Strong ‘De-Fi’ Hand 2020 Animated edition – 1/10, detail

Branded with ‘Ade’s Press’ authenticity, one of these could be yours to ‘hodl’, display or trade on the opensea marketplaces.

‘De-Fi’ has exploded so I just had to do something to mark the occasion. They’re also a good way to help explain or attract more interest in this revolutionary financial happening.

Some of these are selling quickly, so don’t miss out.

“All hail the strong hands of de-fi-ance in the continuing advance of the crypto-powered, open financial revolution-rebellion here in 2020+!!”

NOTE: Eth gas prices are slowing Makersplace right now, so please be patient with the site, if you’re interested in one of the above. New editions can take time to publish in between purchases.

See other related posts below (including ‘De-Fi begins‘)….

Stay tuned for more pop art crypto-art about projects, when I get some spare time.

August 2020


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